Clean and simple. Is it?

Does the site you have now equal the definition of a "good website?" Does it have the top 3 qualities most users look for when searching? Do you know what those are? Don’t worry, we can help. At Objective Bits our focus when designing a new site for your company is based off of those 3 essentials. By sticking to those standards we produce a clean and simple site. Period.

Visually thoughtful

Ok now don’t lie... we all are attracted to a certain type of look and once we see it boy do we want it! Same goes for a great looking site. Our designers put a ton of time and vision into designing something that portrays not only your company, but your character and your passion all wrapped into one. That’s why we love using the term "visually thoughtful." Through brilliant colors and a clean, fresh, attractive front - what’s not to love?

Latest technology

Behind every beautiful website there’s a powerful and dynamic infrastructure supporting it. We don’t build or fix sites with duck tape and bubble gum. At Objective Bits we provide unprecedented backend solutions to power sites, whether it’s a small boutique or a major enterprise. There’s a reason why we don’t drive a horse and buggy anymore. By using the latest innovative technology, your site can continue to move forward.

Responsive design

So what does a chameleon and a great website have in common? Answer: the awesome ability to adapt! Through Responsive Web Design or RWD. Using fluid, proportion based grids, and flexible images, we adapt the layout and design for easier navigation no matter the screen size. Bottom line, this isn’t gonna be your throwback 90’s site. We work in the here and now and we aim to provide your users an optimal viewing experience.