Obbi Cloud

A revolutionary business management tool that redefines business management.


Obbi’s design is focused around being modern, sleek and simple. Designed with the user experience in mind, we value the collaboration of our team to create a product that balances brevity and clarity.


We like to push the envelope when it comes to technology. With the latest and greatest in hardware/software, our team prides itself on staying ahead of the game. We use 256 bit SSL certificates and other security measures to keep your business protected.


Integrating Obbi is easy. We have a fully flexible API for the geeks and hosted pages for everyday folk. If you need custom work it’s no problem. Our plug-in architecture allows for custom mods to meet your specific needs. Basically if we don’t got it... we will build it.


Obbi runs on a fast, fiber backbone using major network providers at a 10Gbps+ connection. We use various caching and geo-networking to serve up your content as quick as possible.


Obbi has extensive documentation to help users understand and navigate their way through the system. We also offer how-to videos to help with common tasks and get your business for success.


No need to ever buy software on a shelf or pay a ton a money every time a new version comes out. Using the Cloud, Obbi is available to you anywhere at anytime! Best of all, the updates are too. So sit back and enjoy Obbi and we’ll take care of it’s upkeep.