Obbi Cloud is an efficient and simple to use platform for managing the important parts of your business, non-profit or event.

How do people see you?

What do people see when they visit your site? If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then having a great looking site is important. With our custom designed sites, our focus is to enhance the vision you have for your organization and develop a beautiful, responsive site that makes a lasting impression.

Take a bit of us with you

Web Design and Development

You may not know this but most online lookers base their first impression and main opinion of a company on how their website looks... Ok so maybe everybody knows that, but the difference is we get it and focus on creating clean, crisp designs that bring your site to life and make it memorable. Not only are the designs great, but the thought we put behind every site we have the privilege of building is one of purpose and direct satisfaction. Our "objective" you can say, is to make the vision you have for your company a reality through your site.

Mobile App Development

Everyone who’s anyone has or wants a great mobile app to represent their organization. Question is, where can you get one? We take great pride in our mobile development, building apps with a simple user interface, keeping the quality of design in every bit we touch. Every one of our apps are natively built for both Android and iPhone so you can get your organization in the hands of current and future customers everywhere.

A bit about us...

So you've read what we have to offer, now find out what makes us who we are. A flexible team always looking to innovate, we are visionaries, always dreaming, looking to see what something could be and how we can make it better.


WeOur strategy is simple, make you more efficient. With Obbi Cloud, you'll efficiently manage the important parts of your organization and have more time to focus on your customer.


If your customers find it difficult to work with you, they won't. We build interfaces with a strict emphasis on improving the usability and accessibility of your product.


We create with design in mind. From mobile and web, to watch, tv and beyond, we have the ingenuity for vision and know how to make it come to life.


Technology is our middle name. Personally and professionally, we're passionate about new trends and paradigms and try to stay on the leading edge.


We've worked in the software industry for a long time, long enough to know the difference between quality and crap. We strive for excellence in quality and we settle for nothing less.


We write our code to be secure, build our servers to be secure, run our company and processes to be secure, then to make sure we haven't slipped, we attack from the outside and try to hack our way back in.